What Teresa Offers


Sometimes along the journey we call life we get sidetracked, bombarded, overwhelmed, or take some twist n turns.

We can get down on ourselves, our situation and truly not see all the good around and within us.

The journey...TODAY make the choice to focus on just how far you have come, focus on YOUR good, give yourself credit and applaud ALL that makes you uniquely YOU!

Corporate Groups

Teresa has worked with a variety of corporate groups

Rack Petroleum LTD.

Sutton Group

Keynote Speaker

Teresa has worked with women's groups, schools, safety groups, various support groups and many more.

Clavet School PD & Rock Day

Lakeview Mom's Group

Port Alberne Retreat Yourself

Dementia Support Group

Mosaic Colonsay Safety Day

Medavie Health Services

Other Services

Kolbe A* Index

Bridge The Gaps

Marriage Commissioner

Life Binder

Connect Through Conversation

Danae Scott - Service Associate at Sutton Wealth Management

Teresa came to our office to teach us more about the Kolbe Assessment.


It was a great discussion on how different Kolbe styles work individually and on a team.

It was interesting to brainstorm who would be best on certain projects or what Kolbe styles would work best together. She also explained how conflicts can arise and how to navigate that. Very interesting! Thanks so much Teresa.

Lindsay Fuchs - Operations Manager at Sutton Wealth Planning- Sutton Benefits & Pension

Teresa, thank you for helping our team better understand our Kolbe scores and how to apply our new found knowledge amongst our team to get each of our bests.

You have a powerful story in addition to your success in business, mom to mom you are so inspiring.

Keep doing what you are doing - more people need to benefit from your wisdom.