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What Teresa Offers


Why work with Teresa?

Working with Teresa is about YOU; inspiring you and empowering you to find ways to Make The Most With Your Moments.

As Teresa speaks you will be immediately drawn to her unique way of motivating you to find your spark and the tools that will help you in every area of life.

Teresa has a way with words and getting to the core of what it is that is holding you back. Her personable way puts audiences at peace and creates a safe space. Her "real talk" is what connects and resonates with each person.

Dawn Dierker,

Advanced Municipal Solutions

"I can see the Kolbe test will be instrumental in helping us hire our next team members. – we will be able to tap into strengths that we are currently lacking on our team and hire people that will complement the people we already have."

Clarke Lemieux, 

Crescent Point Energy

"We were looking for someone who could speak to the true cost of workplace accidents and that is exactly what we got."

Ryan Gritzfeldt,

Crescent Point Energy

I just wanted to say thank you for being part of our day and sharing your message.  You were very raw, real, courageous, and authentic.  We had great discussion during the rest of the afternoon regarding your story, and so I thank you for that."


Teresa offers Keynote Speaking and Conference Sessions aimed at Inspiring people to Make The Most With Their Moments in all areas of their lives.

Often people get disheartened and find life overwhelming and challenging. Teresa talks about finding joy and how important each area of life is to a persons well being and SPARK. Teresa offers insight into why this is happening and how to pull ones self out of the overwhelmingness of life and brings them back through an inspiring journey of how they can find joy, inspiration and satisfaction in how they are creating a life they can truly make the most of.

Rack Petroleum LTD.

Sutton Group

Sun Life Central Region & North Sask. 49

Clavet School PD & Rock Day

Lakeview Mom's Group

Port Alberne Retreat Yourself

Dementia Support Group

Mosaic Colonsay Safety Day

Medavie Health Services


Teresa has designed modules that will inspire you as you work to grow your business, a team, or learn to appreciate others in work and personal environments. Connection begins with self and ultimately others. 

Module #1 - Communication

Module #2 - Self Awareness, Self-Care

Module #3 - Conflict and how to deal with it 

Module #4 - Connections

Looking for special Team Building Workshops? Connect with Teresa to learn more about half day and full day options.

Teresa also offers Kolbe A* Index Training. Each person has a unique instinctive drive. You will learn how to maximize your energy and efficiency with yourself and others. You will discover your natural instinctive way of doing and how to bridge the gaps. 

Application is being made for continuing education units for the Kolbe A* Index workshops.

Personal Development

Teresa works with teams and individuals one on one to provide tools for success.

Whether you are searching for a career you will find fulfillment in, looking to be fulfilled in a current career, finding it difficult in a relationship, or not finding joy or energy to live life. Teresa can help you focus on how to find that joy, inspiration and spark again. Connect with Teresa for more information on the variety of tools and programs she uses to assist you on this journey.

Working with individuals, teams, committees, councils, and management she shows how each person has unique gifts and when utilized correctly leads to better communication and more effective decisions. team building, and planning. This method also helps managers grow a team with the skills they are looking for.

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