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What are your thoughts when it comes to gifts?

How do you feel about giving & receiving?

Which perspective best describes you?

“the bigger the better” or “great things come in small packages?”

Best gift you have ever given?

Best gift you have ever received?

What do you define as a “gift?”

Must it be for a “special occasion“ or

”just because?”

I can admit, my favorite part behind gifts is the thought put into them.

Perhaps that’s why homemade gifts are so special…it takes thought, time, effort…they are unique.

Most often words from another written down in some form are amazing gifts.

Letters, cards, poems, stories, journal entries…

Treasured gifts that can’t be found in any store.

I have teased many often ~ do me a favour and write me a letter.

Focus, heartfelt words chosen and penmanship!!

The EXTRAS are in the details ~ like how the I’s are dotted, what was scratched out and

re-worded or the doodles along the sides.

The closing is so very important…

farewell, all the best, until we meet again, best regards, forever in my heart, love you more,…

And then your signature.

Your signature validates that whatever came before you declare, take ownership of and stand behind.

Your Signature is your soul sealing the deal. Super powerful; personal and long lasting.

It’s like the famous holiday quote, “Maybe Christmas“ the Grinch thought “doesn’t come from a store“ Maybe Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more.“. Dr. Seuss.

Some of the best gifts I have ever given and received involved in the exchange of little pieces of others and me ❤️.

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