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The Choice To Make The Most With Your Moments

I used to dream of this life...and now here I am living & loving it.

Reflecting over the past 48 hours after a beautiful retreat I had the privilege of co-facilitating with @kyla_back2nature .

We were able to provide a beautiful space for others to go just a little deeper and encourage further connections as well allow space for whatever needed to be let go of.

And here I am at #candlelake spending time at my #lakelife home.

And I marvel at the process of arriving here to this space and time.

I truly do love the life I am creating.

It has been an accumulation of choices.

Some difficult ones at time.

But wow...I do love where I am and where I am going.

Life keeps amazing me...and I keep learning to listen ~ so many messages when we are quiet, still and listen.

What a journey thus far...

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