Teresa Walker

             Inspirational Facilitator

Teresa connects and plants seeds of why and how using the key words Inspire, Connect and Fortitude. As you listen to her unique and inspirational play on them you will learn more about your OWN "why" and "how"you choose to #MakeTheMostWithYourMoments.

Teresa connects with audiences at conferences, employee professional development days, workshops , school/youth events, motivational addresses (keynote) and one on one through conversations.

When you walk away you will be inspired to #MakeTheMostWithYourMoments

Meet Teresa

Through my own personal journey of learning and experiences in life I have come to understand that it is about a string of moments and the personal choice of having the tools and being able to use them.


The power of the moment.

I became a widow and single mom in the blink of an eye when my husband was killed in a workplace accident. Growth happened through a deep dive of learning, understanding and ultimately acceptance and love for myself and my uniqueness.


It has been a process to truly appreciate to #MakeTheMostWithYourMoments.





The Journey towards
begins with choosing your next Moment

Thank you so much for presenting at our "I Rock Day" the girls loved it. Very hands on and relevant. 

I think you empowered the young audience. It fit our goals for the day perfectly. There were so many fantastic messages you relayed to the girls. #MakeTheMostWithYourMoments is a great phrase. Everyone has their own "moment" big or small.

Your personal story at the beginning grabbed the attention of your audience. I could see them show/experience empathy. I loved the way you kept circling back to the fact that no one has the same story, inspirations, or goals. I like how you put the onus on them that they must step up and do the task even if they don't want to. It is no one else's job to make you happy. 

Your presentation was fantastic, thank you for joining our I Rock team.

- Audrey, Event Coordinator girls high school I Rock Day

Thank you  to Teresa Walker for providing the keynote speaker role at our Retreat held in Port Alberni in April 2019. She was professional, extremely knowledgeable, warm, incredible energy and provided many tools  for  our guests to take away and put into practice. I had many reach out afterwards  to share their  experiences and the conversations held with loved ones.

She provides a peace of mind and such an impacting story.  It was an honor to have her at our event.


I always wondered why I was great at some things, like thinking outside the box and to be brutally honest horrible at other things like reading directions. Working with Teresa and doing the Kolbe assessment helped me realize why I am the way I am and why I wasn't finding satisfaction in certain areas of my life from work tasks to relationships.


Once I understood me better I was able to use the tools to help me better in my career and also with how I interact with others.


Working for a non profit has its challenges and this helped me really focus on my strengths and from there taking those to help me achieve my goals better. 

I highly recommend working with Teresa on the Kolbe to anyone going out into the workforce or schooling - it will help you realize what makes you tick and set you up for success in the future. For anyone else who just feels worn out and not excited to go to work - this will help you discover why. Then the rest is up to you.

-Calle, Independent Contractor

Teresa's #MakeTheMostWithYourMoments

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