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   Teresa Walker

Inspiring you to #MakeTheMostWithYourMoments

Teresa connects and plants seeds of why and how using the key words Inspire, Connect and Fortitude. As you listen to her unique and inspirational play on them you will learn more about your OWN "why" and "how"you choose to #MakeTheMostWithYourMoments.

Teresa connects with audiences at conferences, employee professional development days, workshops , school/youth events, motivational addresses (keynote) and one on one through conversations in a raw, real, authentic, and courageousness way.

When you walk away you will be inspired to #MakeTheMostWithYourMoments

Teresa is based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Meet Teresa

Through my own personal journey of learning and experiences in life I have come to understand that it is about a string of moments and the personal choice of having the tools and being able to use them.


The power of the moment.

I became a widow and single mom in the blink of an eye when my husband was killed in a workplace accident. Growth happened through a deep dive of learning, understanding and ultimately acceptance and love for myself and my uniqueness.


It has been a process to truly appreciate to #MakeTheMostWithYourMoments.

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The Journey towards
begins with choosing your next Moment

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