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Along the Trail

Today, along the trail, I had the opportunity to connect with some beautiful people.

It amazes me within a matter of minutes how we, as people, are able to connect.

From the first person who walked over to join the fire and shared how fire, water and stones are their “things“ and how all three were present...connection made as another chimed in, “me too!”

And then the sharing began…tales of travels, exploring, collecting, family, challenges, lessons, and tremendous fortitude.

All before we even got to the trail.

Today we were talking about sparks of joy…creating them, seeking them, appreciating them.

Less than 5 minutes in with one of our groups we connected over loss.

Three of the five women in the group were widows and so I shared “me too”… I made four.

There was familiar territory that was unspoken ~ rather an understanding. I was the youngest and longest as a widow - “winner winner chicken dinner!!” 😉

One of the ladies held back…she asked,“when does it end?”

She was in year five and struggling.

I was so honest as I heard myself saying, “there is no end…simply ebbs and flows.”

I wanted to reel it back in…the look on her face was shock and then tears welled in her eyes…

her response,

”thank you, I needed to hear that.”

Ebbs and flows ~ I can do that.”

And then our conversation deepened as we walked along the trail.

Joy is an emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying.

This time of year there can be a lot of pressure felt to be “joyful.”

So do we pretend to satisfy others if we don’t feel joyful?

Do we wear masks and shove down our true feelings of loss?

Of missing?

Ebbs & Flows.

Both loss & joy can intermingle.

Allowing the feelings to be and flow freely.

This is how we keep moving along the trail and continuing to notice, seek out and appreciate the sparks of joy.

We all have stories…some parts that we feel separate and isolate us from others ~ when we have the courage to be vulnerable and share, ask questions…it opens the opportunity for connection.

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