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Are You Running “FROM” or Running “TO?”

Have you ever been asked or wondered yourself, “What are you running from?”

One of my favorite movies is “Runaway Bride.” If you haven’t seen it ~ the basis is about a woman who gets engaged multiple times; the weddings always have a theme and they are quite the variety. JUST before she is about to walk down the aisle each time...a look comes over her face, she feels a certain way and then she BOLTS to never make it to the final destination of becoming married.

It happens so often that her closest friends and family start to to place bets on whether she will ever actually get married OR forever be the “Runaway Bride.”

At the end of the movie Maggie (played by Julia Roberts) describes her moments of self awareness. She explains how she never truly took the time to explore and discover her own likes and dislikes.

She reflects how her “favorites” changed with each person she shared time with. A funny example is her choice in eggs; simple yet true. She grew to please those around her rather than using her own voice.

She became the “town joke” and joined in the banter of being nicknamed the “Runaway Bride.”

Last night as I enjoyed my new space at the lake, quietly reflecting and laying in bed watching the movie once more...I became aware of the deeper level perhaps in this movie...

Perhaps Maggie was never truly “running away” from the others ~ perhaps the bigger picture was that she was always “running to” TO HER TRUEST SELF. She was exploring and becoming.

In life it can become easy to morph into our surroundings, with other people, to go with the flow of popular choice and be apart of the “status quo.”

Maggie was labeled as “running away” ~ reality all along she was “running to”

To be.... *genuine *confident *self-aware *comfortable *connected *authentic

To become more HER than ever before.

“Runaway Bride” a comical movie that, I feel, touches on something a whole lot deeper. Taking the time to discover ourselves, to connect and to create. The importance of how we choose to #MakeTheMostWithYourMoments

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