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Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Are you tired of feeling tired?

The past couple years have been filled with some very heavy energy.

✨You have survived & now it is time to start to thrive once again!

I am offering a limited number of spaces to those ready to own their energy and start to create positive momentum moving forward.

✨This is for you if you are ready to be REAL and do the WORK!

✨Creating change is a process ~ the most effective way is to tap into what instinctively drives us ~ this is different for everyone.

✨Learning your Kolbe MO will be the base work for this program and over the 4 weeks applying the knowledge & understanding to your core areas as you choose how to create for yourself.

✨The value in doing the work within this program will be beneficial in your personal & professional life.

The program is limited to 20 participants, offered virtually one evening per week for 4 weeks and exercises provided after each session to expand and personalize what was discussed in the sessions.

In order to see the results we must do the work!

Work requires our energy ~ so let’s tap into and start to focus on YOURS!

✨What is a benefit and start to focus and grow…

✨What exists that is time to eliminate?

✨ We will identify, reflect, connect, and grow CONFIDENCE in moving forward within the areas YOU identify as MOST important at this time.

✨The value of engaging in this program has endless potential if you are willing to be real & raw with yourself ❤️.

The process & tools are waiting for you.

Let’s connect!


September 20th - October 11th

7:00 - 8:00 pm

Max 20 participants

Virtual offering

1 hour sessions x 4 weeks

$444 (includes Kolbe assessment)

*Please note Kolbe assessment must be completed before program start date as it is the foundational work for the program.

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