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Four Parts to a Whole

It takes four quarters to make a dollar…we have four core areas in creating and maintaining our overall health and well being.

We hear a lot about balance in life…finding a work/life balance.

You may not agree with my next statement - I’m OK with that…I am not a believer of balance in life…let me explain.

I believe we all have four core areas that contribute to our overall health and well being...

these core areas are continually fluid in forms of acting and reacting; hence a ”balance” will never be achieved.

Along life‘s journey we have moments where one or more of our core areas will require our attention and efforts either due to reactions of a situation that force us to work within that core area OR we make a choice after evaluating.

As we focus more of our time and energy on one area what happens to the others?

Well, that depends - it is situational.

Focussing within one area may have the ripple effect of raising the vibrations of others - we may also see a decrease within one or more of our core areas as less attention is focussed on it.

*Knowing our warning levels and our danger levels are different for each of us ~ this is why it’s important to become proactive vs reactive.

To take the time to learn about ourselves and become aware of the current realities within our lives then make decisions on how to safeguard what already exists, as well the next steps of action on where we want to focus our time and energy.

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