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How Do You Feel About Change?

This morning I woke to a cool house with the smell of fresh rain lingering throughout as I left a window open.

Change is definitely upon us.

The summer season is closing out and welcoming fall...although I am hoping for a few more days of basking in the warm sunshine and soaking in those summer feel good vibes.

Change ~ it's a natural occurrence ~ it's inevitable.

Nothing stays as is ~ nature teaches us this.

I have found it is best to be honest with ourselves and others as to how we feel and deal with change ~ for REAL.

If we are to be constantly dealing with change in all the core areas of our lives then perhaps it is beneficial to be real and true on how it makes us feel and how we can manage and manauvre through the never ending process.

Some of us thrive in change and it ignites energy from within ~ in reality, if we go too long without change we grow stagnant, bored, and perhaps create a little self sabotage...anyone???

Others hold off and dread change.

Feelings of uncomfortableness, nervousness, and perhaps our minds begin to fill in the unknown areas with stories...many variations.

This can be exhausting.

If change is inevitable then it would be proactive to learn how we deal with change and create strategies in order to be successful when it does arise.

This is why I advocate for learning of your own unique Kolbe MO and those you interact with in your work, homes, teams, and communities.

Change has the potential to create a massive ripple effect ~ we want to stay proactive rather than reactive as often as possible.

Fall is nipping at summer's heals and as much as I love the sound of crunchy leaves and sipping pumpkin spiced tea amongst the beautiful colors ~ I'm going to enjoy soaking in the warm sunshine the forecast is predicting for end of August.

How do you feel about change ~ for REAL?

If you are looking for some strategies in creating success when it comes to change, let's connect.


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