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Offline copy: Make The Most With Your Moments

As Sunday begins to wind down I look around my space…reminders of a full weekend.

Clothes, dishes, flowers, cards, gifts and wrap spread through out our home. Dress shoes and comfy flip flops lay next to the bag full of clothes and snacks by the front door.

Blankets and hoodies mixed amongst dress clothes.

2022 graduation weekend is coming to an end and my heart is full and I am tired.

We seemed to pack it all in and a little bit more 😀. That tends to be the way we have always rolled and I love that about us ~ my family.

As I picked up my phone to write this I noticed I have less than 6 photos from this weekend.

This photo was shared from a friend...and I can’t explain the words how happy that makes me feel.

Pure presence this weekend.

I don’t know about all the other parents but it just seems to go so quickly…

I shared a bit about this in my toast to the students, “…as much as we have encouraged your growth and independence ~ this evening there is a part of us a little sad perhaps.

In a few hours as you accept your diplomas, announce your future plans and dreams…we will be invited to join you on stage ~ only this time is different than your first day of school.

On that day we held hands ~ yours so small within ours ~ this evening we will link arms as we walk with you towards your future.

* A noticeable difference for us.*

There may be tears of joy, pride, and perhaps sadness. Time has passed and yet we still think of you as, “just our babies.”

The world is wide open and ready for you to create whatever you choose.

Please know wherever you go, whatever you may do, a little piece of us will always be with you ❤️.”

…and a few more words…

In this photo my daughter‘s arms are linked with her brother’s and mine…a noticeable difference since her first day of school.

I am so proud of the young lady I was invited to link arms with and and her journey to get to where she stands today.

So much to reflect on and wide open spaces ahead to create.

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