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Divorced, three small children, unemployed with a few dollars in her bank account ~ Erin Brockovich.

A red headed, large busted, short skirt wearing woman who is full of passion and able to connect with others on a human level ~ a tremendous outpouring of empathy.

A favorite line from the movie,“tell them I’m not a lawyer…that will help.”

I love this movie for so many reasons.

A single Mama doing what she must to raise her babies, never willing to accept the word “no.”

She is tenacious and her work ethic impeccable ~ no formal education or title behind her name…rather her feet on the ground and connecting with others in their space…at their level.

So much passion and caring.

Caring for her clients, caring for her children, caring for herself and not giving up on something she believes in.

This is the power of passion.

Passion is a driving force ~ it creates an enormous amount of energy.

Passion will push us to levels we never imagined, passion has the ability to keep us trying one more time, one more way.

Passion is a fire that burns.

True passion will attract ~ like a moth to a light.

When we believe in something with passion…we create our realities…the journey is full of lived moments rather than destination focused.

Passion fuels, fills and overflows to others.

Passion does not focus on titles, status or recognition.

No; passion is so much more.

Passion is not contained ~ rather it flows freely and seeks out, spreads and fills the gaps and cracks.

Passion is the source of our finest moments.

The joy of love…the clarity of hatred…the ecstasy of grief.

Without passion ~ what is there??

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