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This evening my girl gifted her Pa their annual tradition.

The amaryllis tradition dates back to times with Great Grandma Walker.

The planting of a bulb produced much more than a stock and flower.

Sunday phone calls through out the winter months to “weigh in” on height, leaf count and first signs of blooms.

Healthy competition, caring and connection.

Past years Pa gifted his granddaughter the bulb, dirt, pot and they would plant together ~ tease one another and laugh.

This afternoon while Sunday grocery shopping my daughter picked up two boxes and called her grandparents to invite them over for supper.

She wrapped his “present” and gifted him the contents to continue the tradition.

The sentiment was well received.

This is how traditions work ~ the seed is planted by one and tended to by others.

It‘s a choice, it’s actions, it keeps the connections ❤️❤️.

Let the games begin!!

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