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Energy Entering 2022

How is your ENERGY entering 2022?

Energy is defined as the capacity to do the work. So what is “the work” you have before you that requires your energy?

It is different for everyone at different stages of life. Perhaps the focus may be dominant within your financial core area OR your spiritual area starting off this year.

“Work” is not only our skills and talents we use in exchange for money. We are complex beings learning and growing in a vast variety of areas.

Sometimes our energy becomes depleted or we can‘t seem to re-gain the amount of energy that used to be there. There may be reasons for this to explore.

Asking questions and being curious is a great starting point.

*Perhaps more information is required.

*Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information you are in-taking.

*Too much change?

*The opposite of the spectrum is not enough variety and growing disinterest.

How we each respond and manage our energy is unique. What works for one and creates energy may create a challenge and roadblock for another.

There is no “right way.”

Rather there is opportunity to learn about ourselves and others. Then we can start to work on bridging the GAPS.

So right now rate your energy from 1-10.

10 being full of energy, light and direction…

1 being depleted, dark and feelings of loss/hopelessness.

Let‘s be honest…and sometimes that in itself is super challenging.

Again, no right or wrong, simply with what is.

This provides the greatest opportunity to start to create momentum moving forward.

What I have been describing are the terms #selfawareness and #selfcare.

Learning about ourselves and the actions we take in being true to ourselves...our needs, wants and desires.

It may feel complicated with fancy terms, but it’s not.

It‘s time to get back to basics.

If this interests you please reach out as I do offer a variety of tools including Kolbe, The Life Binder, and one on one coaching in a variety of settings.

As well workshops/team building are customizable.

It all has to do with ENERGY and how you choose to #MakeTheMostWithYourMoments

Let‘s connect today.

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