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Friends From Before

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

You know the ones…the friends from before all the other stuff life and the journey presented.

Friends from our childhood school days, the ones we played on sports teams with just for fun.

The ones we rode the school bus with and met to pedal our bikes...perhaps with the dog nipping at our heals to encourage the pace 😉.

The ones we ventured with as we began to stretch into unknown territory of the safety and predictability of our youth.

The friends who knew us as we were kids playing, exploring, learning and growing right along one another.

These friends are some of life‘s truest beauties.

When we have the opportunity to spend time together it’s like a time travel back to before…

When it was simple and just for fun.

The sharing of stories, laughs, triumphs, lessons learned from then to now.

From then to now a lot exists, and we may not have been present for it all with one another ~ that‘s apart of the process I do believe.

But we come back…whether it’s intentional or part of the greater plan…we come back and visit from before and it’s some of the sweetest moments.

It reminds us of the simplest versions of ourselves; just kids being, doing and having fun.

Last night I got to enjoy the company of such friends…the irony of it all is our kids are about to graduate together and as much as we may try to explain these things to our children they will simply have to experience the journey for themselves.

Our friends from before…life’s beauties ❤️.

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