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Sunday Sledding Sentiments

A couple years ago I rolled a sled…the sled went one way and I flew the other.

Thankfully my equipment did its job to protect as my head smacked the frozen ground and my neck took a good wrench.

I have been pretty hesitant to go sledding again…it shook my confidence for sure.

Yesterday a great day was spent in the forest with friends exploring and enjoying.

It felt great to ride again.

A little cautious, but not fearful.

There is a big difference between learning from past experiences & applying the lessons and then there is letting fear stop us from doing the things we L❤️VE.

Go slowly, go cautiously, but keep exploring the trail ~ the throttle IS your friend…just remember it doesn’t ALWAYS have to be pinned.

#sundaysentiments and #mondaymotivation are a combined effort this week due to the fact I was fully engaged in the process of #MakeTheMostWithYourMoments

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