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Allow Yourself To Enjoy

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Sometimes I get really good at "coaching" and offering advice to others that I forget to take my own.

My history would show that I am a very simplistic, no frills kind of gal that is responsible and makes her money go as far as possible.

I was raised to make a dollar stretch as far as possible. This served me well as a stay at home parent as we lived off one income and then again as a widow raising two children.

Vehicles are a tool to get us from A to B safely.

Secretly though, I have always had a dream vehicle.

By no means practical and over the top for any type of driving I would do ( even our nastiest of Saskatchewan winters)

Yet, on Monday I found myself saying "yes" to one of the most ridiculous purchases I have ever made ~ why??

Because sometimes we need to remind ourselves life is simply too short not to treat ourselves every now and again.

My late husband owned a purple CJ7 jeep when we first started dating.

He drove it to Moose Jaw to watch and cheer me play college volleyball.

We drove it over Christmas holidays around town with no roof and snowsuits on.

We picked his Grandma up and she road shotgun with a big smile.

We swamped it one time and shorted out the stereo.

Tons of laughter, sunsets viewed, and great memories made.

Ones that are vaualabel treasures I hold close to my heart.

Young, free, with the wind in our hair.

Saturday my son and I went to the dealership to look at a jeep I have been eying up for the past month.

We got to the dealership and were told it just sold two hours ago...I was more than disappointed ~ I realized just how much I had wanted it and was upset with how long I had procrastinated.

The salesman offered," but we do have a Rubicon if you would like to take a look."

😍 Uh ya, that would be my dream Jeep and its out of my range.

Yet we took a look, then we took it for a spin, and then we dealed, and now Ruby is all mine.

Its not brand new - doesn't have to be - she's beautiful!!!

I never would have imagined as a teenage girl something I dreamed would ever become a reality - it just seemed so far out of reach - to be honest - too impractical for myself.

And then I realized the box I had put myself in.

My mind had put limits on my dreams.

This is something I speak passionately about and the core of my coaching #MakeTheMostWithYourMoments

It's one thing to "teach" it's another thing "to do."

And so I did...I allowed myself to enjoy and indulge in the dream becoming my reality.

And you know what?

It feels good.

No justifying ~ simple enjoyment.

It's not about "the things" they are simply a vehicle used in creating the magical moments and memories...those are priceless.

Life is short ~ how will you treat yourself??

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