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Be Like a Marigold

Have you heard of the Marigold Effect?

This weekend I was invited to celebrate a good friends birthday…let me tell you she is ALL about the fun!!!

Who says party games are just for the little ones???

Great people, good food and fun games with a touch of competition!!!

Team “D” proved to conquer overall through the evening events: limbo, Mario cart, ping pong and leg wrestling.

In our “prize bag” amongst the treats was a package of marigolds with the message…

”Thanks for being a marigold ❤️.

Check out the marigold effect.

So I did..and this is what I discovered ~

Marigolds are companion plants. Plant them near other plants and they protect them, and help them to grow strong and healthy.

A marigold is someone who protects.

Marigolds help others thrive and encourage growth.

A garden is not the only place you will find marigolds ~ encouraging, supporting and nurturing others.

❤️ marigolds.

Once again Mother Nature connects some dots for us all to learn from.

Be a marigold.

Appreciate the marigolds in your life.

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