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Knowledge is Power

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Welcome to Kolbe Strengths week!

March 1st - 7th, 2022 where we share the power of Kolbe ✨.

My own unique Kolbe MO is a score of 5-5-7-3…and guess what ~ it’s a perfect score!!!

I am not perfect, rather how I am uniquely designed and use my energy is a fit for me.

Kolbe is all about understanding how we use our energy instinctively, as well the importance of rejuvenating what has been used.

Both are equally important.

Once I learned my own Kolbe MO and started to understand it I was able to apply it to situations within my life; day to day moments.

I have also spent a lot of time reflecting and understanding things from past situations/experiences and connecting the dots as to why I reacted certain ways.

My Kolbe MO is the main tool I access because …

✨it is simple to understand ~ it just makes sense.

✨I am able to relate the knowledge to all the core areas of my life

✨It has grown my confidence in understanding my natural reactions and embracing my unique gifts and abilities

✨This has grown my confidence and empowered me in using my voice in situations I may have other wise been quiet and grown upset later on or resentful

✨Understanding what my “go to” is allows in the bridging with others in communication and provides a greater ability in working as a team

✨Over the years of further understanding and growth I pivot and recoup from situations much more effectively than before

I am a Kolbe Certified Coach.

Not only do I promote it ~ I use it, understand it and value it.

#selfawareness #selfcare all begin with understanding the core of ourselves ~ who we are instinctively.

This is the power of Kolbe.

I look forward to sharing much more as the week goes on.

Please feel free to connect if you have any questions or ready to access your own personal MO.

visit to learn more.

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