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Mental Health & Awareness

#Bellletstalkday..believe it or not “talking” is not my natural go to.

I am a person that tends to feel EXTRA and the thoughts at time can continually roll.

Both a blessing and a challenge.

For someone who can feel overwhelmed at times with thoughts & feelings my natural reaction is to retreat into my shell…my protection and sense of safety.

( Let‘s add I am a cancer sign :) )

At times my retreat is needed & serves purpose…I have also discovered and learned how to use my voice, approach and deal with uncomfortable situations & conversations.

A big part of it has been learning and connecting with myself and building the confidence in trusting to use my voice.

It did not happen over night.

I do not share easily or with many; this can become our nature when we have experienced great hurts and vulnerability is less than favourable.

We may grow accustomed to living within the mode of protection, possibly wear masks to hide realities from others and more so ourselves.

The true turning point for myself was many years ago when I was asked what was I so scared of?

I was terrified if I did dive into the hurts, thoughts & emotions, honestly, that I would not be able to manage them and they would swallow me…it was brought to my attention that was already in the process of happening & I could learn tools on how to manage the journey before me.

It has been a long journey; a beautiful unravelling.

I am most comfortable amongst the wild things ~ amongst nature is how I process, connect and ground myself.

When I move my body I am moving my thoughts, my emotions and then share with whom I choose to.

Sometimes the sharing is through a song, a quote, a line from a movie…some of the deepest conversations have been with complete strangers.

Words are powerful…the ones we speak and the ones left unspoken.

I have been on both ends of the spectrum…the one sharing and the one listening ~ both bring value.

We all have value & worth…there is never any shame in asking for help & support with unravelling parts of our stories ~ it begins with making one connection.

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