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Where We Share…

It has been a busy week in our home with everyone running different schedules.

Last night my daughter was working, my son out with friends and I messaged both to let them know Sunday morning Family breakfast was 8:30 am in our kitchen.

I was that person at Sobeys Saturday night 9:00 pm grocery shopping and enjoying how quiet it was!!!

Set my alarm and up earlier than usual for a Sunday morning to mix waffles, wash berries and sizzle some sausage and bacon.

8:30 am and we sat around our kitchen table to share.

To share food…

To share what happened…

To share what the new week holds…

To share time together ❤️.

And them in a fury both kids were off to do their own things once again.

Sitting around the table for meals has always been an important thing in our home.

No tv, no phones…

We face one another, we pass to one another, we share and connect.

Seems lately more disconnected with schedules and conveniences.

The kitchen table is a staple in the home I truly do feel. It was nice this morning to share that family time together.


Because it matters…Mama says so lol.

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