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Be My Valentine

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day ~ a day for expression of love & adoration.

Some will choose to celebrate what is ~ perhaps spend time together, exchange gifts, write poems or send songs with messages within the lyrics.

Some will have the choice to celebrate what was ~ this may result in a roller coaster of emotions. Thankful and grateful for cherished memories…laughter and lightheartedness ~ perhaps met with the duality of the sinking feeling…the reminder for what will never be once again.

The in-between space of then and now has the potential to be vast and for one to get lost.

When we think of Valentine’s Day, perhaps it is due to the commercialism, it has become about an expression to others…how about this Valentine’s Day we spend a few moments choosing ourselves and loving just a little sweeter from within.

Take 5 undisturbed minutes just for you…whether it’s in your vehicle, your bathroom, or hallway ~ find a mirror and simply look at yourself.

Be still and hold the gaze ~ you may be tempted to look away, if the gaze is broken, start again.

Be still ~ look within ~ connect ~ L❤️VE.

You are the only soul aware of what those moments will hold, what may unfold, the emotions unleashed.

What are the gifts?

The hurts?

The memories?

The desires?

Be still ~ feel ~ let it wash through.

Choose to L❤️VE you this Valentine’s Day.

It ALWAYS begins from within.

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