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Knowledge is Power 🔥

Kolbe ~ knowing your MO and how to use it in life.

Years ago as I was doing my best to guide my children through grief and growing a lot of time was spent observing.

✨Observing how they each acted and re-acted, how they would process and express.

✨A lot of my energy was dedicated on how to “bridge the GAPS.”

Becoming a Kolbe Consultant has provided me with a tool I can offer others that just makes so much sense.

It’s all about how we are designed naturally and our instinctive drive.

Our instincts kick into gear at times of high stress ~ why?

✨Because it takes the least amount of our energy ~ this is so important to know and understand when we are already feeling tapped out.

So how do we start to take steps towards increasing our energy once again?

✨We tap into the knowledge of ourselves ~ #selfawareness

and we start to advocate and do

✨We want to spend as many moments in our lives striving and flowing 😃.

That looks and feels different for everyone.

We are all uniquely designed and that’s absolutely beautiful!! ❤️🎉❤️

Let’s connect to start the process in learning your own unique Kolbe MO and how to #bridgethegaps.

Both in the workplace and home life.

As a #kolbecoach we can use this tool and understanding as it relates to the core areas of your life.

Let’s connect today.

Link in bio @teresa_makingmoments

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