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Limits Are Set For a Reason

Winter driving in the city and I chuckle to myself as I watch others grow impatient, honk and speed by others who may be driving a tad under the posted speed limit.

The sign clearly states 100 Km/h…that is the maximum speed when conditions are deemed ideal.

Winter driving in Saskatchewan with ice and snow is anything but ideal; hence caution ~ little more space given to others, perhaps a tad slower…maybe choosier about how often it’s actually required to venture out.

And yet we encounter the impatient ones, the bumper huggers, the ones that love to lay on the horn.

They had places to be an hour ago it seems.

Limits are set for a reason.

When limits are exceeded it increases the chances of loss of control, accidents = danger for self and others.

Sone people are able to regulate very well…others tend to compile a stack of warnings and penalties.

There are consequences enforced when limits are broken.

Sometimes we may feel pushed or rushed by others or grow impatient with another’s cautiousness ~ yet we are taught in drivers Ed class we are in charge of our own vehicle and to drive within our own comfort levels for existing conditions.

*A little analogy I used with a coaching client in regards to creating healthy boundaries.*

The light bulb 💡went off…the connections were starting to be made.

What’s your maximum limit within each of your core areas?

Remember…that’s when conditions are ideal.

It‘s OK to be under the max.

It“s also more than OK to be handing out warnings and penalties to those who seem to push at your maximum limits.

Or maybe it’s yourself pushing at your own limits and the warnings are starting to pile up.

Limits, healthy boundaries are set for good reasons.

Respect the limits or risk facing the consequences.

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