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What Fills You Up?

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Great question...for me it’s all about nature, connecting with self, others and learning opportunities that allow space to reflect, stretch and grow.

This past weekend all those items were checked ✅.

I enjoyed an amazing opportunity to spend three full days with @back2nature_wellness and @kananaskisoutdooracademy in the setting of beautiful Canmore and surrounding.

Theory, situations, experiences, hands on training and testing.

We paddled in sunshine, wind, rain and EVEN snow at times on beautiful Lake Minnowaka.

Enjoyed a picturesque shore lunch as a bald eagle glided over head to let his presence be known ️.

An amazing Sunday hike with tales of history and sightings of bear markings.

I came home a “good exhausted” and ready to start to apply the new knowledge and experiences gained through taking the #outdoorcanadacouncil Hike/Paddle Field course.

Such an amazing time for #learning #reflection and #growth.

If you haven’t yet signed up for our upcoming Wellness Retreat being offered at Pike Lake ~ Saturday, June 12th please consider doing so.

We will be offering amazing opportunities to facilitate your own “filling up of your cup!”

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