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Creating a Safe Space on World Mental Health Day

What does safety have to do with learning our Kolbe MO?

Creating safe spaces for ourselves and others has alot to do about listening to our instincts and finding the strength to use our voices when it comes to uncomfortable or unsafe situations.

Safety ~ physically and psychologically is a right for all.

To feel safe in order to share, to question, and be authentic within the use of our gifts and talents in order to contribute, to produce, and feel a sense of belonging.

As leaders it is our job to create this safe space for all.

To develop skills in order to bridge the gaps and create a cohesive team environment.

A safe space where differences are welcomed and encouraged in order to grow new perspectives ~ to challenge the status quo and think outside the box.

With challenges come conflict ~ and it's essential to learn new tools when approaching situations and keeping everyone safe ~ physically and mentally.

We want to be pro-active VS re-active when it comes to our people ~ where they work and play.

As a Kolbe Certified Consultant I empower individuals and teams to become strength focussed and create a safe environment for all.

Let's connect for a variety of offerings that deal with these topics and #MakeTheMostWithYourMoments

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