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Looking Forward

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

I don’t know your story…and you don’t know mine.

What I do know is we all have one…with many, many chapters within.

And I bet if we sat down for a real conversation we would quickly connect over a few similarities.

When I first began sharing via social media it was an outlet for me during a very heavy grief period.

Losing my husband in a workplace accident turned my world upside down and I found myself having many more questions than answers…and became more curious than ever.

As much time as possible was spent in nature ~ making deeper connections and learning in an environment I have always felt safe and comfortable in.

So much time spent putting one foot simply in front of the other in order to gain momentum.

Understanding and implementing the concepts of self awareness and self care…all while tapping into my own energy and growing stronger within all my core areas.

A journey ~ one where it was vital to learn and practice how to be within the moment while knowing there was an unknown future ahead to create all while in a leadership role.

Many, many choices ~ sometimes paralyzing overwhelm while others empowering.

Lessons learned, new territory explored and a deeper connection within that I never knew existed.

Looking forward to connecting and all 2024 has to offer.

📸 Lisa Landrie Photography

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