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Mentorship Matters

Yesterday I had the privilege to be apart of a cattle round up.

It‘s loud, it’s dirty, it’s busy, and it’s full of learning opportunities.

And yes, real cowgirls and cowboys riding horses, wearing chaps and spurs, swinging lassos to get the job done.

It‘s quite something to experience.

This event takes some serious teamwork to accomplish the tasks at hand in order to reach the end results.

There is the “back office” sorting and organizing what needs to happen, when; counting and taking inventory.

The riders to get the cows separated from their calves.

The ropers, and the ground crew.

Each playing an integral and important part of the team.

Everyone has a role…and every role matters.

Clear communication is vital ~ safety is always top of mind for all involved.

One of my favorite moments was watching a veteran cowboy mentor a young cowgirl in the back corner. Each of them with skills and abilities working towards a common goal.

Chatting afterwards the veteran cowboy commented how he enjoyed the younger one taking lead to do the work.

How often do we allow or encourage this with our younger people?

To take the lead?

I do believe there is so much to be shared from those with experience and those interested in learning and creating moving forward.

Never doubt the eyes of a young one watching; constantly observing and processing to make sense and create in a way that works for them.

It was a beautiful thing to watch these two “work the cattle.”

Bridging the gap of experience and youth.

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