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Parenting - it’s about them ~ not us.

Two beautiful souls ✨

Same parents; raised in the same home with morals & values.

Two very different approaches to processing and doing.

One Mama that tapped into THEIR powers ❤️❤️.

I have learned through observing, doing and their Kolbe scores agree!!

Our children are not to be cookie cutters of us ~ rather as parents guiding our future leaders it’s all about tapping into their unique abilities and growing 🌱 their confidence.

Guiding them to become the best versions of themselves and respectable of others.

Our childhoods and teenage years provide a lot of opportunities for different experiences…it’s so important to be encouraging our children to look inwards and ask what works for them rather than trying to fit in and be like or liked by others.

Tough work…amazing outcomes!!!

Guiding them through this process can be challenging.

Especially when stressful moments present themselves…this is inevitable.

An amazing tool is knowing your own Kolbe MO and theirs.

Learning we all have “starting points” that may vary and creating a plan to work as a team rather than against one another.

Trust me…I have been through this process and learned alot ~ it’s much more about observing, encouraging and allowing what occurs naturally rather than “telling.”

Ready to learn your own Kolbe MO?

Family members?

Let’s start working as a more cohesive team and bridge some of those gaps that may exist.

It’s a process!! Let’s begin by connecting.

Link in bio @teresa_makingmoments

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