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Words Have Power

A phrase familiar in our home.

How often do we find ourselves “tapping out” due to feelings of overwhelm?

Sometimes it all simply feels like TOO much - and those feelings are real & true.

Two things typically happen:

✨Fight - anything, anyone.

Yell, swear, throw a tantrum and release the emotions.

✨Flight ~ physically leave the situation that is causing us stress and overload or mentally shut down.

Retreat and protect ourselves from the sense of “danger.”

🙈Some choose to act like an ostrich and stick our head down a hole ~ if we can’t see it it’s not happening!!!

All are natural reactions to feelings of overwhelm.

When this happens we use the phrase,”it’s all figureoutable.”

Real word ~ not sure!!!

But it works.


✨Change perspective

✨Break it down into action steps

And so much encouragement!!

✨Working through overwhelm is difficult and requires a ton of energy✨

It’s all figureoutable.

Some options for healthy releases include:


❤️connect with a trusted person

❤️have a good cry and release those emotions

❤️write it down and get it out

❤️turn up the tunes and dance it out

Let’s connect for a chat.

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