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Candle Lake Fun Run for Mental Health

Saturday was spent with an amazing group, Fabian’s Love Bugs, participating in the Candle Lake Fun Run for Mental Health with another 400 or so people.

Such an amazing event to be apart of.

We all are walking our own journeys.

This is what I loved most…the laughter, the high fives, the encouragement, the costumes.

Everyone walking or running their own speed; their own race amongst friends, family and strangers.

✨We share this journey and as much as at times we may feel completely alone…we are not.

Everyone has moments of getting through the dark to the light, taking one more step, and learning how to breathe and find the energy when we start to feel tired.

When we are able to feel the support and energy from those that surround us ~ it’s a mighty force.

Allowing others in to see US is a beautiful thing.

It’s not always easy; it is worth it.

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