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Conquering Challenges

Challenges are an opportunity for us to seek from a different perspective, learn and grow.

It begins with getting comfortable with the uncomfortable in order to get to the root of issues and create real change.

Creating a safe space for all to use their voices; to feel seen, heard and valued involves awareness and practice.

Last week was a fabulous day spent with a great team facilitating a Communication, Conflict and Resolutions Workshop.

We had the opportunity to spend time together focussing on strengths and bridging the gaps in a variety of methods and exercises.

Theory is wonderful ~ it’s amongst the doings where we gain the knowledge and real life experience that builds confidence and humility.

We are all humans being and doing no matter what our title may be.

A workshop is a great way to spend focussed time in a safe setting to address areas that may be challenging, create awareness to different approaches as well create connection and community amongst team members.

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