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Invest in the Process

I had the privilege recently to connect with a grade 12 student.

He had lots going on in his mind and heart and yet expressing in not the best ways or not at all.

We spent 6 weeks together utilizing a variety of tools within different settings.

The goal was to plant seeds, connect with self, grow confidence, and encourage action in creating moving forward.

As his Mom once stated, “it’s nice ~ he listens and responds well with you.”

I believe this is very common for many people…especially our youth.

Often times we do “hear” those closest to us…it simply lands differently with others.

It was an honor to create a safe space for this young man to explore his thoughts & feelings. The wheels got to turning as he questioned some of his own previous actions and reactions

Designated time spent to reflect, process, discuss and create choices moving forward.

6 week course offered ~ let’s connect for a chat to see if it’s the right fit for you or someone you love.

Visit to learn more

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