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Self Care is a Learned Process

I remember the first month after my husband passed away - I was struggling…big time.

I called a dear friend of ours and he came for a visit.

He gave me the pep talk on how I had to be strong for my kids as they were looking to me to lead them and care for them.

I remember as my voice cracked and the tears began to flow as I asked him, “so who is going to take care of me now?”

He was speechless.

For many years there was a gaping hole that I tried to fill.

It’s our job to take care of ourselves.

Fear definitely overwhelmed at times.

Cha cha ~ two steps forward one step back.

Letting go of how I thought and felt others perceived how I “should” be doing things.

Dropping the masks and facing realities for what they were not how I wished or wanted them to be.

Listening from within and how to create joy for myself.

Super empowering and humbling.

We aren’t meant to have all the answers ~ it takes courage to be curious and travel into the unknowns.

One of the best things we can do is focus on our strengths…this is how we start to gain momentum and allow the confidence to grow.

It doesn’t happen all at once, rather with each new step we learn so much about ourselves, and how to care for ourselves within each core area.

A few things I share in my KeyNote presentations and workshops.

Booking for fall - let’s connect.

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