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Tuesday’s Testimonial

The transition from child to teenager into young adulthood can be full of a lot of shtuff!!

Last week I received this message from a very happy mama ❤️.

Earlier this spring I had an opportunity to connect with her daughter ~ a young adult maneuvering her way through life.

We took a deeper dive into her Kolbe A* results and began the process to start to connect some of the dots.

A great door opener into many conversations ~ her employment, self awareness, the importance of self care, what fills her up and how to


One of the biggest moments was discussing her value and what she has to offer simply by being her ❤️.

I often talk about how wonderful it is to own our uniqueness ~ it’s also valuable to understand there are others who have walked a similar path or we can relate with.

➡️ this way we don’t feel so alone


Planting the seeds with a few tools and a process beautiful beings bloom 💐.

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