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Tuesday Testimonial

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

from the 2023 Mine Your Potential Conference WIM/WiN - SK

Having the opportunity to stand on stage in order to share and create connections is a dream come true.

To offer a safe space in creating an opportunity for seeds of vulnerability and hope to be planted and watch what grows…as a keynote speaker this is my role.

As a workshop facilitator there is an opportunity to dive deeper into particular topics and spend time shining a light on areas and focus on creating strategies for success.

As a Kolbe Certified Consultant I provide a tool and process that applies to all the core areas of life and start to make some serious sense on how to focus on the positives, begin to navigate change and create strategies for tackling the challenges.

Connecting with workplaces, organizations, teams, groups and individuals is a huge win and one I look forward to continuing in creating impact and bridging the gaps.

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📸 @lisalandrie

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