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Becoming purposeful with our strengths involves celbrating our "wins."

Every...single...step along our journey has impactful moments ~ the big ones as well the little just never know the depth of the impact.

I met Karen after one of my presentations and was engaged by her energy right away!!

She has passsion for her profession and we connected through that.

I have passion for what I share.

We both make a choice every day to do things that are sometimes uncomfortable or challenging...yet we both have a deep understanding of ourselves as to why we do what we do.

I was so thankful for Karen's energy and her action to find me and share the impact made for her in forty five minutes of sharing ~ connection.

You see, Karen could have just thought her thoughts and carried on with her day ~ instead she chose to take action and find me amongst the crowd of hundreds and share the impact she felt from my session...the ripple effect was how grateful I was to hear the impact made.

One tiny moment of connection created a multitude of tiny positive ripples and positive impact~ that's simply cool!!

It's #WinWrdnesday ~ share a win, celebrate a win, let someone know how they have positively impacted you and watch what ripples from it!!

📸 @lisalandrie

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