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Celebrate YOU!

I have come to understand and celebrate that I am a natural facilitator.

It is simply who I am and how I operate.

I spent many years “bridging the gaps” and observing between my children and myself as we each walked our own grief journey.

With the knowledge of my Kolbe MO it has connected a lot of the dots for me through out my life and going forward.

✨ I am aware of my energy and don’t burn out like I used to.

✨ I have learned how to set healthy boundaries and not feel guilty when doing so.

✨I acknowledge my perspective and accept not everyone processes like I do and much more open to learn from others and give what is needed in order to create success for all.

This is the power in understanding and applying our Kolbe MO within our every day moments.

Let’s connect to learn yours and how to apply within the core areas of life.

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