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Know Your Why!


Because too often we don’t see what is right in front of us.

Our strengths.

We take them for granted.

The things we naturally do with little to no thought at all.

The aspects that make us unique from others.

The way we take action and start to create momentum that works best for ourselves.

We forget sometimes; too often and tend to focus on our gaps and lack of and begin to create mountains from mole holes and lose our energy and desire to create.

Our shine begins to dull and life grows hard ~ we shut down and begin to question where confidence once stood firm.

We search for ways to say, to explain , to connect and find ourselves lost amongst too many thoughts or feelings.

I get this.

THIS is why I became certified in Kolbe.

To be able to provide a solid foundational tool to others.

Something that makes sense; practical and lessens the extra chaos and noise.

An opportunity to focus on strengths, to celebrate uniqueness and connect in communication with self and others.

Last year I travelled to Phoenix, Arizona and was able to meet Kathy Kolbe and share how the awareness has impacted my own life personally.

I was able to say, “thank you” face to face.

Bucket list item ✅

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